The Screening Pack

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The Surrounding Game Screening Pack is the best way to bring the film to your community. Included are:

  • Official license to host a public screening of the film as many times as you want (including selling tickets to your event!)
  • A high-resolution Blu-Ray (recommended) and a standard-definition DVD
  • An official full-size film poster (24"x36") [*ships separately]
  • 3 portable film posters (11"x17")
  • Hosting materials for your screening (technical specifications, printable invites and ticket-selling resources, a discussion guide, tips for good turnout, and more)
  • A limited-edition Surrounding Game 9x9 set, of higher quality that the retail version, made from antique American cherry wood by Pennsylvania master carpenter Chris Ditlow. Comes with two pouches of double-convex yunzi stones. An excellent demo board for teaching after a screening!
  • Support from our staff to make sure your screening is a success.